Project Groups

Group                                                                                            Topic

1. Evangelia Christakopoulou and Mohit Sharma                              Crowd-based Recommender System

2. Aarti , Ravindra, Uriah                              Tag Recommendation in Question-Answering System

3. Fan Zhang and Zhiqi Chen                                                          Data Deduplication

4. Haritha Bellam, Vivek mishra and Koshy Rajan           Random Walk Methods to solve Linear Systems in Electrical Networks

5. Rohit Deshpande,  Kaustubh Duraphe and Shikher Sitoke                 Ranking Algorithms

6. Matthew Baudino and Neelabjo Shubhashis Choudhury    Predicting and tracking news using social streams

7. Ali Mahdavi Adeli and Shuya Zhang         Real time Recommender System

8. Matt Nohelty, Roman Dovgopol      Hash-Tag Recommendation in Twitter

9. Mark Andrew Valovage                                           Pattern Mining on Energy Data

10.Huiqi Xu, Jinfei Yin and Shuo Zhou                  Graph Algorithms in Map Reduce

Some Interesting Data Sets

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